Privacy Policy of Vilmar Numismatics, LLC

We very much respect the privacy of our customers and do not share or sell your personal data in any form.  We do not collect any data on visitors to our site, unless you create an account with us (in which case your email address is stored).  Any data on orders placed is maintained for our records only for a certain time but may be deleted immediately upon your request.  Paperwork associated with transactions is maintained in as far as we need to comply with customary rules and regulations mandated by the US government and the State of New York.  No credit card data is stored in any form and we encourage our clients to use our credit card portal and pay directly to our merchant services.

The only cookies that we use are from Google Analytics and Woocommerce. No personal data is included in these cookies.

Currently we do not send out mass marketing emails, but should we do so in the future we will first reach and ask for permission to do so.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, feel free to email us.